Emergency Computer Repair service

If you’ve ever had a computer go down in the middle of the busiest part of your day, you know how annoying it can be, especially when every minute you down mean you are losing money. Add to that frustration the fact that your busiest time is after most computer repair services have closed and all their techs are home enjoying the evening. If this has ever happened to you, you know how important a good emergency computer repair technician is to your company.

It is times like these when a 24-hour emergency computer repair technician is worth whatever it cost to get them out of bed and on their way to your place of business to repair a PC problem you may be having.

I’ve had to call a computer tech on more than one occasion after normal business hours. Through my experience, I’ve learned some techs are not happy to be bothered after hours while others understand your situation and although going back to work after a long hard may not be their favorite thing to do, they know your company depends on people like them to be successful.

I can’t speak for every computer service repair company in town that offers after hours of computer repair, but I can speak for one. Waly Informatique had come to my rescue several times when I needed after hours IT support. While they do charge a service fee that starts from the time the tech leaves his home, I don’t mind the charge because I know the longer the system is down, the more it will cost me.

If you need emergency computer repair or after-hours IT support, I highly recommend you contact Waly Informatique.  As stated in a couple of different places on this site, I don’t own Waly Informatique and this is not a paid advertisement for their company, but if you need emergency PC Repair after hours, I will give Waly Informatique a call first.  You won’t be disappointed with their service or the price.

If you’ve ever had to carry your computer in to get it looked at you know how frustrating this can be. A simple solution is to have a tech remotely access your computer and check out the problem. Waly Informatique has remotely accessed my computer several times. While this may not save me a service charge, it does save me the hassle of lugging my computer to the shop. If you need to fix slow a computer, give a call and ask them about the possibilities of doing a remote assess.


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